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Compassion  Powered  Accounting

Accounting and financial coaching with heart and values top of mind. 

Community Care





Working to financially empower folks from marginalized communities and businesses that have strong environmental, social and governance standards.

With the Right Support, Finances can be Anxiety Free.

At Equity Books, our compassionate and empathetic approach creates an environment where learning about finances and accounting is stress free. We will work with you or your business to address your specific financial anxieties and find solutions to meet your needs.


Services We Offer

Whether you are looking for help as an individual or a business of any kind, we offer solutions for your accounting and financial qualms.

Financial Coaching

With our expertise we can help you overcome your financial anxieties and help you make important financial decisions. 

Example topics for financial coaching sessions:

  • Deciding between different loan options

  • Building up your credit score

  • Budgeting and debt repayment strategizing

  • Deciding if it is time to incorporate

  • Business advisory and strategizing

  • Claimable business expenses

If you are unsure if you can benefit from a financial coaching session, send us an email and we can determine if the topic fits into the scope of these sessions.

Financial coaching is available at 30 minute or 1 hour appointments and is billed on a sliding scale rate based on income level.

Personal Tax

Can tax season be stress free? With the right team supporting you, it can be!

We'll take the time to truly get to know you and your financial situation so you feel like a person that is cared for and not just another tax return at a big accounting firm.

If you have multiple years of tax returns to catch up on, we will help you sift through your information. We will gently guide you as anxieties and emotions come up from compiling the information.

Dealing with the CRA can be stressful. We can talk to the CRA on your behalf to come up with payment plans or solve issues going on with your account.

Personal tax services are billed on a sliding scale hourly rate based on income level. Book online for a free initial consultation.


Are you finding doing your own books overwhelming and complicated? We can manage them for you instead!

We'll keep your books up to date on a monthly basis using the bookkeeping software of your choice.

Bookkeeping services include:

  • Categorizing of bank & credit card transactions

  • Monthly bank & credit card reconciliations

  • Project tracking

  • Report generation from bookkeeping software

  • Sales tax (GST & PST) filing

Bookkeeping services are billed on a sliding scale hourly rate based on income level. Book online for a free initial consultation.

Customized Excel Templates

Do you want a snapshot of how your business is doing but don't need all the features of bookkeeping software?

Our custom excel templates will allow you to add and categorize your bank transactions feeding directly into a tab with an income statement. Your template will be catered to your specific business and bank accounts.


Custom templates can be made to track other useful finances, such as household or business budgets. We'll work with you to create a the ideal file to suite your needs.

Standard templates start at $500 and includes an online or in-person training session and 2 hours of support. Book online for a free initial consultation.

Full Accounting Team

An external accounting team that can manage your financial department so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Having accountants with high standards for environmental, social and governance values means that we will ensure that your various values are upheld on the financial side of your company.

Services in this package are customizable and can include:

  • All bookkeeping services

  • Accounts payables and receivables management

  • Payroll management and tax slip preparation

  • Budget creation and management

  • Monthly or quarterly reporting

  • Deferred revenue and prepaid expense management

  • Strategic planning consultation

Full accounting team services are billed on a sliding scale hourly rate based on income level. Book online for a free initial consultation.

What Our Clients Say

"I have been so happy to have Bobby-Joe do my personal taxes for the past couple of years.  They have helped so much to take away my stress at tax filing time.  I really appreciate how they have been patient and knowledgeable with my many questions, helping me understand a few things that felt complicated and confusing to me.  Hiring an accountant was something that felt a little intimidating to me, because I knew I hadn’t done a great job of keeping some of my own records.  Bobby-Joe was totally non-judgemental about this.  They made me feel comfortable and were able to work with what I had to figure out what was needed to report my taxes properly.  I really appreciate Bobby-Joe’s                         combination of friendliness and                             professionalism, and would totally                         recommend hiring them."

Jenn M.

“I hired Bobby-Joe to help set up the financial side of my sole prop small business and to file my income taxes.
The personalized excel templates they made to track my work expenses are a huge time saver.
Bobby-Joe was very patient in explaining financial language. They walked me through tracking and organizing my expenses in a clear and calm manner.
At income tax time, I feel confident that I have recorded income and expenses accurately and that Bobby-Joe has maximized my tax return ethically”

Rey S. of Etcetera Handywork

Get Ready to Overcome your Roadblocks and Gain Control of your Finances. 

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